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Train Nut Central is the product of a railfan/modeler in the state of New Jersey, USA.   Over the years, I have taken photographs of anything that is near, on or over railroads.  As you can tell by the logo above, the Erie Lackawanna Railway has been my favorite railroad for years.   With this new medium of "the net", I now have the ability to share some of these photos with people who have similiar tendencies.  For a short time, I have put up pictures on a smaller net server for the benefit of my friends whose passions for railroads run the same way.  I overran my allocated space on that server.  Through the courtesy of the Blue Moon Network and the Railfan.Net, and some realistic space on a server, I now have the ability to put up more "stuff" than anybody really wants to see.
From time to time, I will be adding to this "pile of goodies" and some things will be "UNDER CONSTRUCTION ", links won't work, pictures will be labeled wrong,  you may encounter long download times and you may become frustrated .  I have redesigned all the  pages so that download times are minimal and most pictures are separately linked.  The size of the  sign indicates how "recently updated" it is.  The larger the sign, the more recent it's been added to the site.  Please email me about any site frustrations (please, with specific website problems only, I don't want to be your "shrink"). To view the the different areas and pictures, click on the underlined words.
Thank you for your time and enjoy the site.
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 Prototype Photos (over 550 images)
Pictures of the Erie Lackawanna, Erie & DL&W Equipment

12/27/02 - New pictures of Erie, Erie Lackawanna & Central of NJ locomotives from Bruce Leeman
Video clips of trains on the Erie Lackawanna
5/7/01 Erie pictures added from Bill Weibel's collection.
Engine pictures with passenger, freight, MOW  equipment & cabooses
Also links to other Erie, DL&W, EL sites

Pictures of the Erie, DL&W, & EL Right Of Way

8/15/03  Passaic Station today and eastern under pass.
6/5/03 More pictures of old stations from Bruce Leemann; Pictures
        of an old bus in Clifton NJ
4/5/03 - More pictures of some old stations from Bruce Leemann
          and some recent pictures of Great Notch and Broad Street from
          Terence Foxon.
1/29/03 - Pictures of some old stations from Bruce Leemann
12/16/02 - Update on Ridgewood and HoHoKus station pictures
5/30/02 - Update on Newark station pictures
2/28/02 - Some more pictures put up of "OLD" stations from Bruce Leemann.
2/24/02-Pictures of REALLY OLD Stations- South Nyack, Pine Bush, Paterson City, Oxford, Otisville, Verona, Wyckoff,  and three mystery photos.  They have now been identified.
All pictures are courtesy of Bruce Leemann.

12/19/01-  The Gladstone (a/k/a Happy Rock) Branch - pictures of the Gladstone Yard and points of interest along the way.

12/13/01 - MORE!  Coalberg Junction/Passaic Junction 2001. Also pictures of the Boonton Line, Passaic Branch, and Bergen County Line near Saddle Brook.   11/1/01 - Pictures from 1987 of the Coalberg/Passaic Junction connection and the yard with some colorful engines and a great description all courtesy of H. Haines.

  9/4/03   Non EL photos of prototype trains
Warren Reynolds sends pictures of his Dinner Train in the South West
    with some CNJ coaches present.
New York & Greenwood Lake Railway photos.
Black River & Western and New Hope & Ivyland revisitied.
Whippany Museum parked URHS equipment
MORE Private Railroad Cars around Lebanon, New Jersey
The Amtrak Postal Train and other cars at the Whippany siding and Museum
Private Railroad Cars around Lebanon, New Jersey
Pictures at Whitney Point, NY of the Tioga Central
Steamtown, USA in 1995 and many more pictures.

   Port Jervis Photo Essay
photos of the Port Jervis facilities as they exist in recent (1997) days.


My "favorite" hobby shop on the net.

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Models for sale in G scale , O scale , HO scale , and N scale

Also books and publications and scenery materials

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 Section on Modeling
  July 1, 2001
  Modeling the Erie Lackawanna Railway and Related Equipment

An instruction and help guide to modeling various cars and equipment
of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Erie, & Erie Lackawanna Railways.
We invite avid modelers in all scales to become a "guest columnist" in this commentary in "sharing the experience" of modeling our favorite railroad.

   July 1, 2001 -New article NOW! - Erie Stillwell arch window coach by Funaro & Camelengo built right out of the box.  A first for articles.  This is NOT "kitbashing".  This is a CRAFTSMAN KIT built
by the Head Train Nut.

   November 3, 2000 - An article on bash building an Erie Lackawanna SDP45
by Joseph Lofland.  This article originally appeared in Railroad Model Craftsman in December
of 1981 and is still valid today.  We welcome Joseph Lofland as our first "guest columnist".

July 17, 2000 - An Erie Lackawanna Transfer Caboose #T-32.
An addition to the caboose fleet for yard to yard transfers.
Bashed from an Athearn extended vision caboose.

Feb 20, 2000 - The DL&W Phoebe Snow Tavern Lounge Car #790.
One of the favorite cars of EL fans, this model revises the Rivarossi "Tail Car"
from a poor model to a decent replica of the prototype.

This article was posted Feb. 9, 2000 and is of a Union Pacific streamline
express baggage car that interchanged with the DL&W and EL.

This next article details step by step, how to convert a stock
Athearn HO Scale SW-7 to an Erie Lackawanna SW-8.

This next article is about the ex-Santa Fe coaches that ran in commuter service for the
New Jersey Dept. of Transportation on the EL, CNJ and NY&LB in New Jersey.

Model Photos (Over 350 images)

Oakland, NJ, Layout - The Ramapo Valley Railroad, the start of a model railroad empire
9/15/99- Pictures added to the Oakland layout page

 Bridgewater, NJ, Layout - The Erie Lackawanna Railway, New York Division,
a large complex layout with many different features with over 70 pictures.

  Clinton, NJ layout
9/3/03 - Wiring "underneath" the layout.  Scenery - painting the backdrops.
The Erie Railroad/Erie Lackawanna Railway at Port Jervis, NY;  an adventure in
"division point" modeling and action with 50 pictures.

   1/20/2004 -
Special Page 3 contents - Car Forwarding/Scheduling system description added.   Pictures of the model engines, passenger cars,  cabooses and most freight cars added.  Complete lists/files of Erie, DL&W and EL prototype equipment can be downloaded from this site if you have MS Excel.
 Other Peoples Model Railroads (OPMR)
Harold Werthwein's Erie Railroad, Delaware Division 
J.P. Mikesh's Rockaway Valley Garden Railway    pictures added 5/27/01
Tim Phalon & Matt Kelmchalk's Erie Railroad, New York Division 

9/20/02  -  New pictures of the action on Tim Phalon & Matt Kelmchalk's Erie - Alleghany Division Garden Railway 
Ramapo Valley Model Railroad Club 

Page 2 features more OPMR layouts3/2/05
Fred Dellaiacono'sLink Valley Railroad 
The Steamtown National Park's DL&W layout 
  Bob Stafford's Susquehanna & Hudson River model railroad 
 July 3, 2001- Bob Pennisi's "No Name" model railroadswith an Erie Lackawanna flavor

 August 1, 2001 - More on Bob Pennisi's "No Name" Railroad
- New pictures of the action from Steve Kay
September 29, 2002 - a couple of added pictures from Bob's newly named model railroad.

August 17, 2003 - Another operating session at Bob Pennisi's with pictures of his recently scenicked areas and pcitures of steam and diesel action.  One of the steam engines really smoked ( commonly known as a short circuit).

February 27, 2005 - Bob Pennisi's done it again.  His model railroad empire has been increased by another third.  See the new pictures on page 2.

November 29, 2001 - Rich Pennisi's (yes, Bob's brother had to get in on the act) "Lehigh & Ontario" Railway.  Some really great pictures of very well done local road (EL, NYO&W, CNJ, Reading & NYS&W) equipment .

Also some pictures from Howard Haines of a couple of his Erie Lackawanna Reefer and food handling box car models.

  February 3, 2002 - Pat & Gene Walter's spectacular "coffee table".  From beginners to experts in one layout.  What a great N scale layout!  It's set in Great Northern country, but resides in (not on) a coffee table in their living room in Maine.

  February 25, 2002 - Errol Walsh sent us pictures of his Erie and DL&W Passenger Cars.   Great models of our favorite railroads.

 April 28, 2002 - The first look at the Lehigh & New Jersey,  Jay Mikesh's local model railroad with a look at some of the "track gang".

  June 30, 2002 - John Montenigro's "N" scale Atlantic Pinelands & Western.  A variation of a Pennsylvania and New Jersey railroad including some of the D.L.& W. , Central of New Jersey, Reading, Baltimore & Ohio, Erie, Pennsylvania and other railroads.
 February 22, 2003 - More pictures of John Montenigro's "N" scale Atlantic Pinelands & Western.

October 29, 2002 - Marty Witkiewicz details his Atlas U36C EL #3316. Pictures of the process
January 12, 2003 - Gene Isaacs & Kyle Anderson's dream layout is being designed, but they have a lot of steam engines and trains ready to go on it when it gets built.

January 16, 2003 - John Pasquariello, Jr.'s New York Central Railroad

January 18, 2003 - Model of an Erie Milk Car by Don Miller

Page 3 added May 19, 2003
  Scott Lupia's DL&W - N scale model railroad

  8/26/03 -Steve Kay's Lackawanna Terminal Railway

  3/30/04 - The New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center's N scale rendition
  January 20, 2005  - Alexanda Piela has a very unique O Scale layout in his backyard.  His narrative and pictures at the bottom of page 3.

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