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Pictures of Erie Lackawanna Railway Equipment

Updated 3/4/04
Bruce Leemann sent some more Erie Lackawanna pictures.

EL 3311 General Electric U33C at Calicoon, NY.

EL 3361 General Electric U34CH in passenger service at Hoboken, NJ.

Here are some pictures of different types of Erie Lackawanna stock certificates.

Erie PA-2 #862 in Green & Graygreen.  Port Jervis freight yards with SDP45 & SD45's pulling lots of cars.  Here's an EL business car in Warwick, NY seemingly parked near some L&HR freight cars.  Why is it here?

U33C's #3308 and #3311;  a passenger U34CH #3361; and SDP45 #3651

Eariler he sent some Erie Lackawanna-CNJ pictures and the Nickel Plate Road Berkshire #765 at Port Jervis, NY with NJT trains in yard.
EL SD45 #3624 with step-sister SDP45 and CNJ engine #2501 on the point.
CNJ #2511 with sister at Matawan, NJ in May of 1975
CNJ #2512 at South Amboy, NJ in April 1975

VIDEO OF THE ERIE LACKAWANNA taken in Super 8 mm movie film by yours truly and converted to video media by Paul Tupachewski.

The Hayshaker - the local freight switcher on the NJ & NY RR. with GP-7 and full consist with a maroon, gray & yellow Dunmore cabose.

Updated 7/17/02 - Below pictures courtesy of Bruce Leemann.

Running together on the Central of New Jersey in Eatontown, NJ is Erie Lackawanna RS-3 # 1053 and CNJ RS-3 #1705 on August 7, 1973.

Erie Lackawanna U25B #2525 leads some SD-45's running east in
       Port Jervis, NY.
EL #6321 F7A sits in the weeds waiting for it's next assignment.
EL U33C #3308 in Elizabeth, NJ in March 1976
EL#3311at Callicoon, NY in May 1975
EL/NJDOT U34CH #3372 at Hoboken Terminal in January 1975

DL&W 500 an SW-8 yard switcher at Steamtown, Scranton, PA
on July 5, 2002 courtesy of Scott Petrone.

We have put up some pictures from Bill Weibel and will add to this group as time permits.  Sorry, no dates or locations, just great pictures.

First, the Erie pictures:

Erie 1151 BLW DRS-6-6-1500
Erie 1203 EMD GP7
Erie 1208 EMD GP7
Erie 1211 EMD GP7
Erie 1235 EMD GP7  second view  third view
Erie 1237 EMD GP7
Erie 1239 EMD GP7
Erie 1243 EMD GP7
Erie 3 Business Car
Erie 4 Business Car
Erie 505 Alco S2
Erie 509 Alco S2
Erie 520 Alco S2
Erie 529 Alco S4
Erie 616 Baldwin S12
Erie 7024 EMD FTA
Erie 703A EMD FTA
Erie 7041 EMD FTA
Erie 705A EMD FTA
Erie 706A EMD FTA
Erie 7084 EMD FTA
Erie 709A EMD FTA
Erie 7101 EMD F7A
Erie 7121 EMD F7A
Erie 713A EMD F7A
Erie 725A Alco FA1
Erie 727A Alco FA1
Erie 7274 Alco FA1
Erie 750 GE A1Unit

More later!!!!

To view pictures, click on underlined areas.  All pictures were taken in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York in the United States of America.  Contact me here.
Erie Lackawanna Motive Power
EL 363 SW-1 nose   EL363-1 long hood
EL 404 NW-2 on BJ Drill no date
EL 416 under the Rutherford signals in March 1977. EL416-1   Side view No date.
EL416-2On BJ Drill in Rutherford
EL 420at Paterson Yard. Note D&H bright red covered hopper behind switcher.
EL420-1Around Croxton yard
EL 428 at Mahwah, NJ station (photo courtesy of Tony Horn).
EL 429 at work in Lyndhurst NJ May 1977;  a series of pictures including crew -
EL 430 with Conrail caboose in August 1977
EL 431 at Newark with a transfer caboose.
Another view with gray & maroon box car end on 12-25-70.   EL431-1
EL 443 around Croxton Yard in March/May 1977  EL443-1  Front view  EL443-2
Full side view  EL 443-3 at Croxton
EL 450 with caboose C237 on BJ Drill in Rutherford Feb. 1977.
EL 452 around Croxton yard (no date).
EL 453 near Croxton yard March 1977. EL453-1  Side view at Croxton  EL453-2   Side view at Paterson Yard
EL 457 switching tank cars in May 1977.
EL 459 at engine facilities at Croxton Yard (no date).
EL 460 with B66 Baldwin slug      EL460-1 from a distance with the slug.
Unknown EL switcher on overpass.  Another unidentified switcher in May 1977.
B65 and B66 Baldwin slugs at Croxton in May 1978.
Passenger Engines
EL E8A at Waldwick Wye 12/26/70 front view of E8A
EL E8A at Waldwick Wye 12/26/70 back view of E8A
EL 825, 826 & 829 E8A's in the Waldwick, NJ commuter yard August 1971.
EL 830 at Waldwick Yard, a full side view.
EL 918 and E8A 826 at the Waldwick Yard on 2/26/70.
EL 14?? with freight train.  (Photo courtesy of Nick Latzoni)
EL 1404 at Hoboken next to MU Shed in 1973.
U34CH's at Hoboken Engine Facilities in March 1973.
EL 3360  at Hoboken next to MU Shed in 1973.
EL 3377  at Hoboken Terminal with ex-ATSF stainless steel coach.
Unidentified U34's back to back at Croxton yard in 1973.

Freight Engines
EL 1050 RS-3 front view on 8/15/73 at Bound Brook on the CNJ.  Here's a side view of the same engine.
EL 1228 GP-7  long hood end view.     EL 1228-1   short hood end view.
EL 1234 GP-7 with Conrail caboose (no date). Other pictures  EL1234-1EL1234-2
EL 1235 GP-7 with caboose in Dover, NJ 1974  EL1235-1  Full side view May 1977
EL1235-2Under the catenary in May 1977.
EL 1240 GP-7 in 1973.  A variety of views     EL1240-1EL1240-2EL1240-3 EL1240-4 EL1240-5
EL 1241 GP-7 in Rutherford in Jan. 1977.  EL1241-1EL1241-2EL1241-3EL1241-4
Erie Lackawanna lettering close up EL1241-5
Unidentified GP-7 with gondola and caboose at Waldwick, NJ in Oct. 1972.
Unidentified GP-7's around with ex-Penn Central unit (no date).
Unidentified GP-7 with PC box cars (no date).
EL 2523 U25B at Croxton engine facilities 1/18/74
EL 2525 U25B top view on front of long freight at Port Jervis, NY.  (Photo courtesy of Bruce Leemann).
EL 2564 GP-35 in Rutherford in Jan. 1977.   Other views, same location.  EL 2564-1   EL 2564-2    EL 2564-3
EL 2565 GP-35 with caboose C125 on "hayshaker"  in Feb. 1976
EL 2569 cab details near NY&NJ RR in Rutherford, NJ.  Another shot.
   GP35 silohette March 1977.
EL 3615 SD-45 at Ridgewood, NJ. (black & white photo courtesy of Tony Horn)
EL 3617 SD-45 in Croxton yard in 1977.
EL 3632 SD-45 in Bicentennial colors In Croxton yard
EL 3642 SDP45 In Croxton Yard engine facilities 1/18/74.
EL 3651 SDP45 on front of long freight at Port Jervis, NY in August 1974.    (Photo courtesy of Bruce Leemann)
EL 3673 SD45-2 in Croxton Yard.
EL 7111-7112-7113-7114 the perfect F7A-B-B-A set at Paterson, NJ freight station in 1973.

Passenger Equipment
EL 2 Business car at Hoboken Terminal track 15 in 3/24/74 [Picture cleaned up and reprinted by Rich Palm.]
EL Spirit of Youngstown at Hoboken Terminal 3/24/74
This is DL&W Boonton coach #304 kind of grimey, not painted recently, with a silver roof, used for storage and was coupled to the above CNJ coach #322 on the same day.  End view showing the two distinctive "posts" over the couplers.
EL baggage car at the Paterson yard.  There was no number on it and I assume it was assigned to MOW duty.

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:57:02 EDT
Just looking over your EL photos. The Baggage car at Paterson was assigned to
the System Steel gang. It was used as their tool car. That car was held in
Paterson most of the time. I was a Work Equipment Repairman in at the Getty
Avenue Motor Car Shop. (1969/1975). Most of the Steel gang was from
Friendship, NY.
John Durant

Thanks John.  I always wondered what it was doing there. - JJ

Baggage cars and EL Safety and Training car under restoration at the Morris County Museum site on April 18, 1994.  A series of pictures.
    P1 P2P3 P4P5 P6P7
Arch window Stillwell at Binghamton, NY (no number on it) on May 28, 1995. End view.  End detail.
These pictures weree taken at Steamtown National Historic Museum, Scranton, PA on July 8, 1995.
DL&W Buffet Lounge 791. End view. Side close up. Another view.
DL&W baggage express 2095 in gray, maroon and yellow.
DL&W Boonton coach 549.
DL&W Boonton coach 560.
DL&W 613 in gray, maroon & yellow.
DL&W trailer coach 334 which appears to be rebuilt and renumbered into the
original DL&W series of 1926.
DL&W trailer coach 346 another rebuild?
EL businesscar #3.  Another view.   Next to steam engine.  Observation end.
Ex Santa-Fe car used as a commuter coach on EL waiting for the first push pull sets in 1973.
Control cab of one of the first sets of EL modernized commuter coaches at Suffern, NY in Feb. 1973.
Push pull sets at the Waldwick, NJ station in Oct. 1972.
EL C125 on BJ Drill in Rutherford area with a GP-35 (no date) . Through the tree. At the crossing.
Erie C140 on the Black River and Western RR at Flemington, New Jersey on Oct. 5, 1996.
A BOGUS NON Erie caboose numbered 26E (RPO-MAG) at a Caboose Motel near Strasburg, PA Nov. 4, 1995.  Is this really a old DL&W caboose???
Erie C177 at Morris County Museum site in Whippany, NJ Oct. 1988 and then on 4/18/94 with number applied.
EL C316 at Binghamton on May 28, 1995.  End view.
Erie C340 at Suffern, NY in August of 1994.  The caboose is named "Robert S. Fischer". Anybody know why? Is he the owner? Definitely not related to Bob Fischer of the Ginger Bread Shop (a CNJ fan).  I believe this caboose runs on the New York & Greenwood Lake Railroad with the RS and
switcher down to the Dundee Spur.
Lackawanna 889 at Steamtown on 6/23/96. Another side view.  An end view.

Freight Equipment
 Erie 61503 single sliding door 40' box car at Croxton yard, Secaucus, NJ. Note brake wheel
on top of car March 1977.
 Erie 76382 single sliding door 40' box car at Binghamton, NY next to "arch-window" Stillwell coach 5/28/95.
 EL 54435 single sliding "Youngstown" door 40' box car  in March 1977.
 EL 56632 single sliding door 40' box car (no date).
 EL 84244 single sliding door 40' box car in Croxton yard (no date).
 EL 86761 single sliding door 40' box car "Food Loading Only" XF in June 1977.
 EL 166149 single sliding door 40' box car inMarch 1977.
 EL 18022 4 bay covered hopper in box car red.
 EL 21019 covered 34' hopper in Rutherford, NJ (no date).
 EL 21124 covered 34' hopper at Royce Chemical in Carlton Hill, NJ in February 1976.
EL 21183 covered 34' hopper (black & white photo) Courtesy of Tony Horn.
 EL 21264 covered 34' hopper at Royce Chemical in January 1977.
 EL 32578 open 40' hopper in January 1977 (no location).
 This string of open EL hoppers from the 32000 series sat in a yard along side of Interstate 95 in Baltimore near the entrance to the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel for three or four years and in 1995 disappeared from that location.   My wife took these pictures as we whizzed by at interstate speeds of this remarkable site of
   Erie Lackawanna hoppers still in their original colors in April of 1993.
 EL 69337 a refrigerator (RBL) car assigned to the General Foods plant on the Passaic branch, in Great
   Northern "Big Sky Blue"  (actually the corporate color of General Foods) and with Erie Lackawanna
   markings at Paterson, NJ in 1976.
 EL trailer on Trailer Train 89' flat car in Secaucus, NJ January 1977.

Friday, May 5, 2000 in Kennesaw Georgia, of all places!  (FYI, Kennesaw is
one of the busiest freight locations in the country, CSX).  I spotted an E-L
Hopper (33000 Series, I think), on a LIVE train!  E-L paint clearly visible,
diamond blacked out, but, most else intact.  It didn't look like it had ever
been painted over!  Quite a shock, on my way to work. Luckily, digital
camera nearby!  I have full side and end pictures.  I wish I was able to get
a little more detail, but, these pictures aren't bad!  Anyone interested,
I'd be happy to email copies!

Gary Morgan, ELHS #2384, Kennesaw, GA

Gary was good enough to share these three pictures from Georgia with us.


Maintenance of Way
 Erie 464075 ex-box car now tool car in Binghamton, NY at May 28, 1995.
 EL 434061 open 50' gondola now assigned to MOW service in Rutherford, NJ (no date).  This crane
 EL 2913 was attached to the gondola on MOW train in Rutherford, NJ.

See our  "The Right Of Way" for pictures of the Erie, DL&W, and Erie Lackawanna ROW from Hoboken as it continues moving west.

Acknowledgements: Paul R Tupaczewski  for the EL Logo at the top of this page and scanning some of the pictures presented here and George Elwood for the background on this page of the the gray EL logos.  Thanks to you both.

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