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Harold Werthwein's fabulous Erie Railroad-Delaware Division

 This layout is well known and represents one of the greats in this Erie/DL&W/Erie Lackawanna modeler's awareness.
Harold's layout has won many awards, has had many articles written by him and others about it and just recently was listed as "one of the great model railroads of 1999".  It was a privilege and honor to be allowed to view and photograph this model railroad during an operating session in June 1997.  A full article was done on this layout in Model Railroader in Oct 1995 and the article contains a full plan of this magnificent layout.
The pictures are not in any particular order, so we'll be bouncing around the layout.
 A steam passenger train trundles over Great Bend pass.   The Erie Limited (train #1) approaches Lackawaxen.
 A milk train drawn by a steam engine is about to cross the Susquehanna River bridge.   A heavy freight runs through Lackawaxen.
 The Port Jervis, NY yard early in the morning.. Local freight at the Susquehanna, PA yard with the station in the background.
 A through freight crosses the Lackawaxen bridge. A special high and wide load train crosses the Starrucca Viaduct.  Unbelievable modeling skills used here. Steam powered milk and mail train rounds Great Bend.   At the Port Jervis, NY roundhouse. Train #7 the Mail Express on Starrucca Viaduct.  Train #2 the Erie Limited on the viaduct.   Train #1 at the Susquehanna station.
 Old meets new as a steam drawn freight passes a diesel freight.   Train #2 at Lackawaxen station.  Train #1 stops at the Susquehanna station.   Train #1 leaving the Port Jervis yard. Train #2 on the viaduct.   The special load train again going thru the Binghamton yard.   Through freights meet on the Laxawaxen bridge. . Train #1 (the Erie Limited) at the Laxawaxen bridge.
 Train #2 near Cochecton.   Train #1 clearing through the Port Jervis yard.   Train #1 again at the east end of the Susquehanna station yard.   Train #2 entering Binghamton, NY crossing over the Chenago River.  Erie Limited (#1) in the Port Jervis NY yard.
 The Erie Limited on the Starrucca Viaduct.  Looks great!!

J.P. Mikesh's Rockaway Valley Garden Railway - June 1998
Overview of G scale power and equipment.  Underview of passing train and "players"
-May 21, 2001
Train  EI EI OOO
with a pair of EL U-25B's for power cross over a bridge and starts to climb the towards Snake Hill tunnel.
Same train entering the South End curve now starting to climbing a 2.5%  grade to the tunnel.

An update of The Rockaway Valley Garden Railway on July 28th, 2002.
RS-3's have the road today and we follow them over the rails, into the yard  and through the tunnels.  Inspections are a vital part of the Rockaway Valley's preventive maintenance program.  A Shay sits in the siding waiting for it's turn to do the route.  U25B's now take over the rails.  The Lackawanna Terminal Management Team (LTMT) indulges in the gourmet food provided by the Rockaway Valley as the the Ladies Auxilary gets a lecture on railroading (or is he telling jokes again) from Bob Pennisi.

On this day, I was invited to join an "inspiration tour" of three layouts.  We (attendees will be unnamed to protect the innocent, although I didn't see any 'innocents' among us) were, by direction of the Lackawanna Terminal Railroad management team, to steal (oops, I mean borrow) as many ideas as we could find.  Here's a sample of the pictures taken that day.  On this occassion, the Erie Lackawanna Railway-Port Jervis Division point (my model railroad) official executive business (and bar) car was attached to the end of the Erie Railroad's crack train for a tour of the layout.
In the spirit of Col. Hal Carsten's style, this business car was and will be attached to anything that runs on various HO scale layouts.

Tim Phalon and Matt Klemchalk's Erie Railroad -
New York Division in HO scale - Feb. 20 1999
Tim's HO scale layout encompasses his entire basement and, very correctly, replicates
the Erie Railroad from Jersey City, NJ to Port Jervis, NY.
Executive special on the roll on the four track mainlne.
Not too much scenery, but a lot of running room for the executive special led by two Erie green/gray-green E8A's diesel engines. The executive special takes the curve and then the special turns toward Port Jervis, New York.

Tim Phalon and Matt Klemchalk's Erie Railroad -
Alleghany Division in G scale - Feb 20, 1999
This incredible layout runs all over the back and front yard of Tim's house, has all the turnouts air powered and has a dispatcher's room (in the house) for controlling all movements.
The weather was drizzlely on the day we visited, so we did not have an opportunity to
see this layout in action or take too many pictures.
Caged (under the shed) power, passenger and freight equipment at Salamanca.
Open DL&W box car with "broken into" load also at Salamanca yard.

More pictures of Tim and Matt's G scale in bright sunshine, no rain and, of course, I wasn't there.  So Steve Kay furnished these spectacular pictures of this magnificent outdoor railroad.  An operating session took place, performed by the LTMT (Lackawanna Terminal Management Team), without the owner being on the premises.  A pair of Erie Lackawanna RS-3's drags a local freight while Erie Alco's FA's take the long haul train over this layout.

RS-3's leave the yard.  RS-3's round the curve. RS-3's traverse a rock cut.   RS-3's climb into the mountains.  RS-3's cross the river.  RS-3's take another curve.  RS-3's traverse an "S" curve.  And finally RS-3's, under the auspices of LTMT operator, pick a switch.  Erie Switcher with a caboose sit on the side waiting for higher class trains pass.  FA's pass the local freight.  And haul a long freight off down the line.

Here's the diagram of this spetacular outdoor layout.

  AGAIN - An operating session at the Erie Railroad - Alleghany Division on August 2, 2002.  The host of this session was Matt Klemchalk.  This is an extensive G Scale layout where the trains are battery powered and radio control directed.  This makes three and four train meets not uncommon and makes for great fun and confusion.  I was taken around the Alleghany Division and "qualified" on the entire route.  After running a few trains, I retired to taking pictures and following the action of the other train operators.  Here are pictures of the first class Erie Passenger Train as it makes it way around the Alleghany Division.

Erie #1 on one of the bridges, approaches Belmont, and clears Alfred.  As Erie #2 it has just past Wellsville.  This is the Hornell Yard, one terminus of the Alleghany Division and the other terminus is the Salamanca yard.
An RS-3 hauls some large box cars on the main.

More pictures in the camera.  Coming SOON!!!

click on the blue underlined portions to see the pictures.
Ramapo Valley Model Railroad Club - Feb. 20, 1999

This club layout was in the basement of a mall store in Ramsey, NJ for many years and has moved to Ho-Ho-Kus.  There is a great tradition with this mixed (young and older) group of modelers and we wish them luck in this new location and thank them for their courtesy during our visit.  The layout is based on the Erie-Lackawanna and is not too far from the real Ho-Ho-Kus station.

Again, the EL business car rode the rails.
Before our train left Jersey City, we observed some of the switching action in one of the many freight yards.  Here our business and bar car (foreground) awaits at Jersey City for motive power to be assigned to our train.  An Erie passenger train arrives at Jersey City with an Erie PA1 in charge of what is to be our consist outbound.  And then we're off from Jersey City with two Erie E8A's in command, in a consist of an express baggage car, an R.P.O. and a coach while our inspection car brings up the rear of the train.
We first pass through Passaic on the mainline and move on to Paterson where we pass an MOW train on the side for our train.  Further up the main we pass a Norfolk Southern container train and move on westbound.  Our train appears under the bridge and we're looking over the Union Pacific hicube box car in the foreground.  Our train is now on the cliffs above Riverdale and run past a passenger station.    We finally arrive at our terminus yard, but we have a problem.  We have to get back to Jersey City for our next trip.  The yard master conjures up a steam double header of Pacifics for us and this combination takes our car back to the Jersey City terminal.


The Link Valley Railroad - Jan 23, 2000

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